About the Author

Tanner Frisby first started metagrobology (the practice of making or solving puzzles) in the summer of 2007. He went on to make dozens of Rubik’s cube like twisty puzzles over the next few years and still occasionally designs and builds puzzles. However, in the summer of 2009, Tanner started working as a blacksmith’s apprentice under Lorenzo Fortunato of Italian Iron Works, a modern day architectural blacksmith. After learning the basics of metal craft and taking community college classes on welding, Tanner started bladesmithing which eventually turned to gunsmithing. While the initial builds were very crude, the quality of each successive build improves drastically. In the summer of 2014, while taking classes at his university, Tanner embarked on his greatest project to date: Building a Car. With no automotive knowledge and a very limited budget, Tanner acquired a 2001 Volkswagen Jetta, promptly tore it apart and began building a car from the remains. Taking appreciably longer than expected, the project was temporarily halted in January of 2015 as Tanner traveled to Singapore for a semester abroad. After returning, little progress was made as the cost vs reward was no longer a favorable balance. In January of 2016, Tanner moved again, this time to Houston, for a 6 month Co-op at General Electric. Returning to College Station in the middle of the summer, Tanner starting work on his next project: Formula SAE. The “Build a Race Car in 1 Year” capstone senior design class began with a research and design phase in the Fall of 2017. Shortly before winter break, the first parts started to be machined. On June 20th of 2017, the A&M team departed to Lincoln Nebraska.

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